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Stemming from life experience, the resulting words spin around themes of love, rebellion, and wildness.

Writing is fundamental, a means to process the underlying experience of being alive during this unprecedented time of collapse and rebirth. To this end, Robert has authored three books, regular blog posts, and has published articles in magazines, newspapers, and other media.

We all have experiences we'd rather not remember–ones we try to run from, ones we ignore, and ones we repress. Whether we consciously remember them or not, these experiences inform who we become. For this reason, In Wonder and Warpaint exists. Set in the late 70s and early 80s, this book tells the story of Billy Forever–a child who must grow up fast on the tattered side of cities like Detroit, Houston, and Los Angeles. With his mother's ferocious love, and the guiding force of punks and cultural rebels, Billy learns to navigate landscapes of extreme adversity where he discovers the beauty of wild, outlaw transcendence amidst piles of broken rubble and urban decay.

Coming Soon...

"The lens through which we see the world shapes our experience in it. By adjusting our angle of vision, sweetness can be seen rising up from destruction, the sublime can burst from the commonplace, and tragedy can be reconfigured to enkindle a sense of empowerment. There are times in our lives when we get lost in the darkness. This richly illustrated book of true short stories is like a crack in that darkness. As you read it, the light streams in."  ~Robert E. Livingood



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Music Producer, DJ, & Multi-Media Artist in Nelson, BC